Does Umkc Have Volleyball Team?

Prepare to be amazed by UMKC's volleyball team as they serve up excitement and passion on the court - find out what sets them apart!

Picture yourself in a lively gymnasium, the sound of sneakers squeaking on the polished floor, and the electrifying cheers echoing off the walls.

You may be wondering if UMKC boasts a volleyball team ready to spike their way to victory. Well, the answer lies in the heart of the Kangaroo campus, where a team of talented athletes don the blue and gold jerseys with pride.

But what sets this team apart and propels them towards success? Stay tuned to uncover the captivating world of UMKC volleyball and the exciting journey that lies ahead.

Key Takeaways

  • UMKC has a competitive NCAA Division I Volleyball Team.
  • The team has a diverse roster with players from various states and backgrounds.
  • UMKC Volleyball has a history of winning conference championships.
  • Fans can support the team through social media, official website, and Kansas City Athletics' Giving Day.

UMKC Volleyball Team Overview

umkc volleyball team overview

The UMKC volleyball team, comprised of skilled players in various positions and hailing from diverse backgrounds, showcases a blend of experience and talent on the court. Players on the team occupy positions such as OH, S, DS, L/DS, MB, and MB/RS, bringing a range of skills to the game.

Hometowns of these players span across Atchison, Kan., Leavenworth, Kan., Kansas City, Mo., Holly Springs, Ga., and Sterling, Colo., showcasing the team's geographical diversity. Additionally, players come from states like Hawaii, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and even Turkey, adding an international flair to the roster.

The academic years of the players vary from Freshman to Senior, contributing to a mix of seasoned players and fresh talent. Their backgrounds are equally diverse, with players having attended schools like Maur Hill-Mount Academy, Lansing HS, Lees Summit West HS, Sequoyah HS, and Sterling HS. This rich tapestry of experiences and skills makes the University of Missouri Kansas City volleyball team a formidable and exciting group to watch on the court.

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History of UMKC Volleyball Program

With a legacy steeped in triumph and perseverance, delve into the captivating history of UMKC's renowned Volleyball Program.

The UMKC women's volleyball team competes at the NCAA Division I level, boasting a rich history of success highlighted by multiple conference championships.

Over the years, the program has attracted talented players from diverse backgrounds and states across the country, forming a dynamic roster with athletes competing in various positions like OH, S, DS, L/DS, MB, and MB/RS.

The team's home games are held at the Swinney Recreation Center, where they enjoy the support of a devoted fan base that cheers them on to victory.

UMKC's volleyball program stands as a testament to the dedication and skill of its players and coaching staff, solidifying its reputation as a force to be reckoned with in collegiate volleyball.

UMKC Volleyball Team Achievements

volleyball success at umkc

Immerse yourself in the impressive array of accomplishments attained by the UMKC Volleyball Team. The Kansas City Official Athletics team has left a lasting mark with their outstanding achievements:

  1. Conference Dominance: UMKC's volleyball team has clinched multiple conference championships, showcasing their competitive prowess and dedication to excellence.
  2. Academic Excellence: Numerous student-athletes from the UMKC volleyball team have been recognized for their academic achievements, highlighting the team's commitment to both athletic and intellectual growth.
  3. NCAA Tournament Presence: UMKC volleyball has consistently secured a spot in NCAA tournaments, proving their ability to compete at a national level and represent their institution with pride.
  4. Record-Breaking Performances: Individual athletes within the UMKC volleyball team have set records, demonstrating exceptional skill, determination, and a drive to push the boundaries of success.
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The UMKC Volleyball Team's achievements not only reflect their athletic capabilities but also underscore their dedication to holistic development and community support.

Current Roster and Coaching Staff

Explore the diverse composition of the UMKC volleyball team roster, featuring players in various positions and hailing from a wide range of hometowns and academic backgrounds. The team comprises players in positions such as OH, S, DS, L/DS, MB, and MB/RS. Hometowns represented on the roster include Atchison and Leavenworth, Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri, Holly Springs, Georgia, and Sterling, Colorado. Notably, players also come from states like Hawaii, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and even Turkey, showcasing the team's rich diversity.

The coaching staff of the UMKC volleyball team is experienced and dedicated to fostering both athletic and academic growth among the players. Their emphasis on holistic development underscores the program's commitment to nurturing well-rounded student-athletes. The team features players across academic years, from Freshman to Senior, blending seasoned expertise with fresh talent. This blend contributes to a dynamic team dynamic, with individuals contributing unique skills and perspectives.

Future of UMKC Volleyball

umkc volleyball s bright future

The future of UMKC Volleyball promises to be filled with exciting opportunities for growth and success as the team continues to compete in the NCAA Division I Summit League. Here are some key points to look forward to:

  1. Engagement on Official Social Media: Follow UMKC Volleyball on official social media platforms using hashtags like #KCRoos and #DeclareKC for updates and to engage with other fans.
  2. Website for Updates: Stay informed about the team by visiting UMKC Volleyball's official website at, where you can find the latest news, player profiles, schedules, and more.
  3. Support Giving Day: Support UMKC Volleyball by participating in the designated giving day organized by Kansas City Athletics in two weeks. Your contributions can help the team thrive and succeed.
  4. Engagement Metrics: Check out social media platforms for engagement metrics like shares, likes, and comments to see how the community is interacting with and supporting UMKC Volleyball. Stay connected and be part of the excitement surrounding the team's future!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Division Is UMKC Women's Volleyball?

When it comes to UMKC Women's Volleyball, you'll find them competing in NCAA Division I. They play in the Summit League, showcasing their competitive spirit against other Division I schools. Get ready for some intense volleyball action!

What Division Is Kansas City Volleyball?

In volleyball divisions, Kansas City Volleyball competes in NCAA Division I as part of the Summit League. The team showcases top-tier talent and athleticism, offering athletes opportunities to excel at the highest collegiate level. Exciting matches await!

Does KU Have Volleyball?

When it comes to volleyball strategies, mastering the basics like serving, passing, setting, hitting, and defense is crucial. Focus on communication, teamwork, and adaptability to outsmart opponents on the court.

Does Purdue University Have Volleyball?

Yes, Purdue University has a volleyball team. They employ various strategies, like powerful serves and solid defense, to dominate games. Join the Boilermakers to experience the thrill of competitive volleyball and be part of their winning tradition.