How to Get Recruited for College Volleyball?

Yearning to play college volleyball? Discover essential tips to stand out to coaches and secure your spot on a collegiate team.

If you’re serious about playing college volleyball, research preferred colleges and programs to find the best fit for your athletic and academic goals. Attend Volleyball Showcase and ID Camps to get noticed by college coaches and showcase your skills. Contact coaches through personalized emails and phone calls to express your interest. Create a standout highlight video and establish a solid social media presence to enhance visibility. By following these steps, you’ll be on the right track to getting recruited for college volleyball and achieving your dream of playing at the collegiate level.

Research Preferred Colleges and Programs

When starting your journey to get recruited for college volleyball, the crucial first step is thoroughly researching preferred colleges and programs. College volleyball recruiting is a competitive process that requires careful consideration of various factors. Start by exploring colleges based on their volleyball programs, coaching staff, NCAA division level, and scholarship opportunities. Look into the academic programs offered by each college, as well as the campus culture and player development initiatives in place.

Evaluate the volleyball team’s success, the facilities available, and the level of academic support provided to student-athletes. Consider the competitiveness of the conference the college participates in and the overall reputation of the program. Additionally, researching alum success and networking opportunities can give you insight into the potential benefits of joining a particular college for volleyball recruitment.

Attend Volleyball Showcase and ID Camps

To maximize your exposure and potential recruitment opportunities, actively participate in volleyball showcases and ID camps where college coaches scout for promising talent. These events provide a platform to showcase your skills, athleticism, and potential directly to college coaches, helping you stand out in the recruitment process.

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Here’s why attending these camps is essential:

  • Direct Exposure: Showcase and ID camps offer direct exposure to college coaches actively seeking recruits.
  • Skill Evaluation: Coaches use these events to evaluate players in person, gauging their fit for their teams based on performance.
  • Increased Visibility: Attending these camps can enhance your visibility among college volleyball programs, opening up more recruitment opportunities.
  • Showcase Talents: These camps provide the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your skills, athleticism, and potential to college coaches.
  • Stand Out: By making a solid impression at these events, you can significantly enhance your chances of standing out among potential recruits and getting noticed by college coaches.

Initiate Contact With College Coaches

Start your journey towards college volleyball recruitment by proactively contacting college coaches through personalized emails expressing your interest in their program. When contacting college coaches, include critical player information such as your stats, academic achievements, and volleyball experience. This will give coaches a thorough view of your abilities and potential as a player.

Follow up your initial email with phone calls to establish a rapport and showcase your commitment to the recruitment process. Respond promptly to coaches’ emails to exhibit professionalism and enthusiasm to engage in further discussions.

Keeping communication channels open with multiple schools is essential to explore various opportunities and find the best fit for your college volleyball career. By taking these proactive steps in reaching out to college coaches, you set yourself on the path to being noticed and considered for recruitment into their programs.

Create and Share Highlight Videos

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-crafted highlight video to showcase your volleyball skills and attract college recruiters’ attention. Creating an impactful highlight video is vital in the College Volleyball Recruiting Process. Here’s how you can make your highlight video stand out:

  • Ensure your highlight video is 3-5 minutes long to keep coaches engaged.
  • Include clips demonstrating various skills such as serving, passing, hitting, blocking, and defense.
  • Use editing tools to add text overlays with essential information, such as your name, jersey number, height, position, academic details, and contact information.
  • Share your video on platforms like YouTube, Hudl, or Vimeo, and include the link in your correspondence with college coaches.
  • Ensure your highlight video is high-quality, well-organized, and engaging to capture the coaches’ radar during the evaluation process.
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Establish a Strong Social Media Presence

Leverage the power of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to effectively showcase your volleyball skills and achievements. Social media can be a game-changer in the recruiting process for college volleyball.

Share your game highlights, training sessions, and competition results to get on the coaches’ radar. Engage with college volleyball programs and coaches by direct messaging and commenting on posts. Demonstrate your dedication, work ethic, and passion for volleyball through a consistent and positive social media presence.

By showcasing your skills and engaging with the volleyball community online, you enhance your visibility to college programs. Use social media to supplement traditional recruitment efforts and increase your chances of getting noticed.

Your active presence on social platforms can demonstrate your commitment to the sport and make you stand out to college coaches looking for dedicated players to join their teams. Start building your online presence today to boost your recruitment journey in college volleyball.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get Recruited to Play College Volleyball?

To get recruited to play college volleyball, research preferred colleges, attend showcase camps, and contact coaches directly. Showcase your skills through videos and social media. Passion and dedication are essential!

What to Do if You Want to Play Volleyball in College?

If you want to play volleyball in college, research schools, create an impressive recruiting video, contact coaches, attend events to showcase your skills, and aim for academic and athletic excellence. Your dedication will pay off!

Can You Play Volleyball in College With No Experience?

You can play college volleyball with no experience! It’s challenging but possible. Walk-on opportunities exist for athletes with solid athleticism, work ethic, and a desire to learn. Show your potential and dedication to earn your spot!

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How Hard Is It to Play D1 Men’s Volleyball?

Playing D1 men’s volleyball is incredibly challenging. You must possess exceptional skills, physical attributes, and competitive experience. Meeting high academic and athletic standards is vital. Coaches evaluate prospects early, starting as young as 15-16.


So, now you know the critical steps to getting recruited for college volleyball.

Remember, the ball is in your court! Put in the hard work, stay focused, and never let obstacles hold you back.

With determination and dedication, you can reach your goal of playing at the next level.

The world is your oyster, so go out there and make waves in the volleyball world!

Onwards and upwards, my friend!